by admin on 18th October 2008

the main thing i'm working on. guess to volunteer one's time is important and this project is very time-consuming. so i'm not only playing basketball in this club just for fun, also doing something reasonable for this club ... ;-)


by admin on 18th October 2008

a site for and about our private ad&d roleplaying pen & paper game-group. we started the quests in 2004 and we are still going on. when you're younger you'll have the time to play every weekend or twice a month (maybe even more often). when you become older (yeah 40+) hopefully you'll find the time to play once a month. but once a month or so we meet on a saturday to eat, drink (port-)wine and we're having fun going on quests, whacking some monsters, findig some treasures and solving riddles ;-)


by admin on 18th October 2008

oops - nothing there and sometimes still thinking about what i could do there ... any idea? ;-)

goacartel - my ebay "about me"

by admin on 18th October 2008

yes, this is my ebay "about me" site. just for people who are bidding on my auctions and things like that. there is a real cool sound there ;-)


by admin on 18th October 2008

a site i did for a friend. he is a taichi-qigong-teacher and he needed an own website. so this is a project i'm really proud of, because the style and design is great and consistent with this taichi-things, isn't it? ;-)


by admin on 18th January 2009

i sold this whole project to a guy that a know for years. think he is the right choice because he will go on with this project like i did and he will do a great job for the community!