by admin on 18th October 2008

just a simple portal-site made for my personal use only and if you're curious enough feel free to check it out! but don't ask me something about anything there! ;-)


by admin on 18th January 2009

i sold a project and furthermore ... nothing special. just some projects that i'm working on. if you want them to know feel free to browse along - but don't expect too much... ;-)


by admin on 01st December 2008

some photos we made - we think nice ones. photography is just a hobby, nothing more. well, in some moments you'll have the "golden-eye" and the camera really does what we wanted it to do - and sometimes photshop may help ... if you like, just have a look on our photos ;-)


by admin on 18th October 2008

if really necessary use the emailform to contact me - you can contact me in german or english language. there are also some advices like the imprint and things like that. who needs that? german law! :-(